FLEXICAT 55" Sanding Board

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Product Overview:

The Flexicat sanding and fairing tools are flexible boards of various lengths and widths that can be adjusted to fit any curved or flat surface, effectively improving efficiency and reducing materials waste and labor costs. 

This 4-1/2" x 55" Sanding Board offers harder flexibility than shorter boards. Features grip backing for use with 4-1/2" hook and loop sand paper rolls such as Indasa Indasa RedLine & Mirka Abranet HD long board rolls.

Features and Benefits:

Achieve Excellent Surface Results

Flexicat’s flexible tools are used create perfectly flat or perfectly curved surfaces. These tools work on the principle that power is spread directly from the tool’s handles to the base plate. This allows you to effectively work on various surfaces, both large and small both flat and curved.

Save Time and Money  

Flexicat Tools are professional tools developed for working with large and curved surfaces which reduce the amount of filler used and time spent sanding. 

Simpler and Faster  

Flexicat‘s sanding and filling boards easily fit any curve. The tool’s weight and specially designed handles allow for ease of use while the tools engineering eliminates human error.

Suggested Uses:

  • Professional boat builders and racing sailors
  • Composite manufacturing
  • Mold and tool production
  • Automotive repair
  • Aerospace industry
  • Various surface repair projects


Tech Specs:

55" x 4-1/2" Sanding Tool, FSB 140113 (Discontinued Item, available while supplies last)

  • No. of users: one craftsman
  • Size: length 1400mm / 55“, width 115mm / 4 ½“
  • Weight: 3.2 kg / 7 lb
  • Flexibility: 3 - hard board

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"We received two boards for testing from Flexicat Tools, a filling board and a sanding board. Both are really well made and easy to use.  Both boards are made of medium flexibility. They are made from aluminum with dural base. Their flexibility is sufficient for use on most curved surfaces. They are sufficiently light and easy to hold. If the boards are at least 4 inches wide, they should be one of the best boards on the market." - Extract from the article by Roger Marshall, BoatBuilder Magazine, November/December 2007

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