IPG American PG Masking Tape, 24mm (~1"), PG2455

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American Brand Tape

Product Overview:

IPG American® brand PG27 24mm (~1") x 60 yds Masking Tape (PG2455) is a Premium Grade masking tape that is tear, moisture & solvent resistant.

It is perfect for wet sanding and provides excellent conformability and cornering. This tape provides clean removal for crisp paint lines. Designed for paint masking requiring clean and easy removal from a variety of hot or cold surfaces.

Perfect for use in automotive, truck, bus and marine paint masking. 

Advantages and Benefits:

  • Sharp color separation on curves or straight lines
  • Exceptional cornering
  • Fine crepe paper backing ensures overall sharp paint lines
  • Smooth to the touch, easy to work with
  • High temperature resistance: 250ºF (121ºC) for 30 minutes
  • Excellent adhesion to backing when layered
  • Smooth and controlled unwind
  • Works with both solvent and waterborne paints
  • Clean removal; stain resistant; resists bleed-through
  • Superior for wet sanding applications
  • Resists paint flaking

Physical Properties:

  • Backing: Fine crepe paper
  • Adhesive: Natural rubber resin
  • Color: Beige
  • Standard Widths: 18mm (~3/4"), 24mm (~1"), 36mm (~1.5"), 48mm (~2")
  • Standard Length: 54.8M (60 yds)
  • Tensile Strength: 26 lbs/in width
  • Adhesion to Steel: 28 oz/in width
  • Thickness: 7.3 mils
  • Elongation: 10%

NOTES: Sizes shipped will typically be the tape industry standard metric-cut sizes, i.e. 24mm for each 1 inch of nominal tape width ordered (rolls are approximately 5% narrower than the nominal size).