Kirby Vintage Color Marine Topside Paints

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Product Overview:

Kirby Vintage Color Marine Paints are available in the "Best Colors"! A time-tested, durable, long lasting formula, Kirby topside paint holds up to the toughest marine elements. So easy to apply, anyone can achieve a professional looking finish!

Available in 40 beautiful vintage colors, click icons for larger images (note, actual colors may be slightly different than those displayed by your computer monitor); custom colors available, please contact us for details. Air shipping is unavailable for this product.

Features and Benefits:

  • Available in 40 beautiful vintage colors 
  • Time-tested, durable and long lasting paint formula holds up to the harsh marine environment
  • Easy to apply with excellent results
  • Excellent coverage, 400 to 500 square feet per gallon
  • Available in quarts and gallons

George Kirby Jr Paint Company, Since 1846!

About Kirby Paints:

The George Kirby Jr. Paint Company was founded in 1846 in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The company is still owned and operated by the Kirby family. They specialize in manufacturing time-tested, durable and lasting marine paints to formulas handed down from generation to generation. Standard Kirby paints include marine outside paint, boot topping, buoy paint, marine deck and floor paint, engine enamels, house paints and red lead primer.


Estimate the amount of paint required. One gallon will cover ~400 ft/sq for one coat or ~250 ft/sq for two coats. Surfaces that are porous and weathered may absorb more paint and reduce coverage.

Always use a good quality bristle brush. Should the paint become thick and drag under the brush, thin it with enough Kirby's Conditioner to bring to the proper consistency and prevent sagging.

On new and old work alike, surface must be dry, clean and free from dust, dirt, grease and loose scale before starting to paint. Dry weather will allow you to get maximum finish and gloss. Surface must be dry, dampness will cause paint blistering and peeling.

Do not thin paint unless necessary or for a first coat on new wood. Stir well with a bringing-to-the-top motion or better still. All paints should be "boxed" into a larger container (i.e. pouring back and forth). Use less than 1/2 pint paint thinner per gallon.

Brush out each coat well giving final coat the maximum "flow" possible. Do not apply heavy coats. Allow one coat to become thoroughly dry and hard before applying another. Remove excessive coats of old paint at intervals for the good of your boat and your final paint job. The number of coats each season depends on your own judgement.