L.C. Wax Alumaslick - Aluminum Lubricant & Liquid Masking

L.C. Wax Alumaslick - Aluminum Lubricant & Liquid Masking

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Product Overview:

"L.C. Wax" Alumaslick Aluminum Lubricant and Liquid Masking keeps aluminum looking new! Designed for windows, sliding doors, awnings and marine hardware.

Particularly ideal for beach, ocean front and marine environments.

"L.C. Wax" Alumaslick cleans and lubricates aluminum better than anything. Solves more problems for a longer time, even under extreme of conditions.

Features and Benefits:

  • Quick penetration and release
  • Long lasting lubrication
  • Cleans corrosion and tarnish
  • Protects aluminum from salt corrosion for months
  • Contains no silicone
  • Stops squeaks, bumps, klunks and clinks
  • 11 ounce aerosol packaging

Suggested Uses:

LUBRICATES & PROTECTS:  Use on awnings, jalousies, sliding doors and windows, storm shutters, hinges, folding and extension doors. Also use on RV's, school buses, motor home and other commercial bus and vehicle windows and doors.

CLEANS CORROSION & TARNISH: Cleans, shines and protects for months. Use a nylon pad soaked in L.C. Wax Alumaslick to renew oxidized or salt corroded windows and door frames, outdoor furniture, marine hardware, etc. Wipe excess oxidation from surface with rag and polish with a clean coat of L.C. Wax Alumaslick.

ALUMINUM CUTTING & DRILLING FLUID: Apply to cutting surface of tool at point of contact with aluminum. Contains special additives, can improve cutting quality.

OTHER USES: Cleans and protects outdoor furniture, aluminum boat hardware, or anything aluminum. Frees sticky wooden drawers and windows.

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