MAS Fast Hardener, Non-Blush Formula

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Product Overview:

MAS 2:1 Non-Blushing Fast Epoxy Hardener is a room temperature hardener designed for use with both MAS Low-Viscosity (LV) Epoxy Resin and MAS FLAG Medium Viscosity Epoxy Resin and can be applied in a wide range of conditions where increased cure and working time is desired.

MAS Fast is a low viscosity hardener that allows a quick wet-out of the heavy reinforcing fabrics often used in repair applications. 

Appropriate applications for MAS Fast include: bonding hardware, spot filling, and fairing. Additionally, the superior bonding strength of Fast formulas is ideal for high strength secondary bonding applications such as structural tabbing and repair of laminations. 

Fast Hardener can also be used as an accelerator for the MAS Slow or Medium Hardeners when customized cure times are required; the 2:1 mix ratio of resin:hardener should be maintained, regardless of hardener blend.

The rapid cure time of Fast allows overnight curing in low temperature conditions. 

MAS does not recommend mixing more than 5 oz. of formula unless rapid application techniques are incorporated. An induction time of 1-2 minutes is recommended prior to application of formula.

Features & Benefits:

  • 10 minute pot-life @ 70°F
  • 2 hour working time @ 70°F
  • Quickest ambient temperature hardener
  • Allows overnight curing in low temperature conditions
  • Use for hardware bonding, spot filling, fairing & high strength secondary bonding
  • Excellent osmotic (moisture) resistance
  • Will cure under high humidity conditions
  • Available in pint, quarts and half-gallons

    Application Suggestions:

    • Quickest ambient temperature hardener
    • For overnight curing in low temperature conditions
    • Recommended for hardware bonding, spot filling, fairing & high strength secondary bonding



    When simply coating, sealing or saturating wood with epoxy, do not add thickening powders.

    For laminating applications, consider MAS Low-Viscosity (LV) Epoxy Resin and MAS Non-Blushing Slow Hardener.

    For filling & fairing applications, consider MAS Flag Medium Epoxy Resin.

    It is important to mix epoxy and hardener thoroughly before adding thickener.

    Often two fillers used in conjunction are more effective than any single filler used alone; this can be attributed to the synergistic effects found when two different particle sizes are blended together.

    When filling gaps or making a fillet (pronounced "fill-its") add sufficient wood flour to make a peanut butter consistency. 

    Colloidal Silica (aka Cab-O-Sil) and other white fillers may be added to make the wood flour paste match the color of the plywood exactly. Adding some Phenolic Micro Balloons or Colloidal Silica (no more than 30 percent by volume) has the added benefit of making wood flour fillets smoother and easier to spread.

    When using epoxy as an adhesive (i.e., bonding wood to wood), add enough silica powder to the resin-hardener mix to bring it to the consistency of mayonnaise or jam.

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