Mirka 19.7' Coaxial Electric Cable/Vacuum Hose + Sleeve, 110V, MIE6515711US

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Product Description:

Mirka 19.7' Coaxial Electric Cable/Vacuum Hose and Protective Sleeve, 110V (MIE6515711US) (supersedes MVHA-5) is designed for use with Mirka DEOS, DEROS and LEROS electric sanders.

The hose features a very convenient integrated electric cord (110V), is anti-static, a generous 19.7' length and 1.25" threaded tool connector end. Lightweight and flexible, design allows for improved air flow and offers easy connection to sander and vacuum.

Vacuum hose and cable is preassembled in a durable Protective Sleeve (MIE6515921). The sleeve makes handling easier and protects the work surface from scratches. The part of the hose and cable not covered by the sleeve is held together by grip straps. Connector is included.

A longer Mirka 32.8' Coaxial Vacuum Hose (MIE6515611US) is also available.

Features and Benefits:

  • 19.7 ft (6M) length
  • Antistatic hose for use with 1.25" threaded tool connection
  • Integrated electric cord (110V)
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Easy connection to sander and vacuum
  • Vacuum hose and cable is preassembled in a durable Protective Sleeve (MIE6515921)