Mirka 6" Half-Round Taco Grip Hand Pad, 106HPHRG

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Product Overview:

Mirka 6" Half-Round Taco Grip Hand Pad (106HPHRG) allows you to get in to those tight spots where a mechanical sander can't reach or would be too aggressive. 

These hand pads are flexible, yet offer outstanding adhesion for hand sanding, even when working contours.

Accepts 6" grip (hook & loop) type abrasive discs that wrap around and attach to hand block.

Sold 1 pad per package.

Features and Benefits:

  • Flexible for hand sanding contours evenly
  • Accepts 6" grip (hook & loop) abrasive discs
  • Discs can be removed easily without tearing 

Technical Specs:

  • Grip hook & loop type material
  • Actual size is 5.625", accepts 6" grip sand paper