Mirka Mirlon Scuff Pads, 18-111 Series

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Product Description:

Mirka Mirlon® Scuff Pads (18-111 Series) are designed for fine finishing and surface applications.

Made from three-dimensional media with cut fiber strands coated with resin and consistent abrasive which provides a very flexible and uniform finishing of contoured surfaces. 

Available in Very Fine and Ultra Fine grits for a variety of applications.

Mirlon provides a superior finish compared to other non-woven scuff pads. For a more flexible and open style scuff pad, consider Mirka Mirlon Total.

Features and Benefits:

  • Adaptable to shapes and contours
  • Usable on both sides
  • Resistant to tearing
  • Consistent scratch pattern for superior uniform finish
  • Can be used with water

Application Suggestions:

  • Fine Finishing and surface preparation
  • For use in automotive, marine and industrial workplace
  • Easy to use on profiled surfaces and creates an excellent base for the next coating
  • Maroon: Very Fine (360 grit), for primary sanding of new parts, old paint layers, and sanding of repairs before applying primer
  • Gray: Ultra Fine (1,500 grit), for enhancing mechanical adhesion and panel blending

Product Specifications:

  • Non-woven abrasives are three-dimensional media made with cut fiber strands, coated with resin and abrasive
  • Feature Aluminum Oxide (Very Fine) and Silicon Carbide (Ultra Fine) and Phenolic Resin Bonding
  • Available in pack of 2 and box of 20, 6" x 9" pads and 4" x 10 yd (36') rolls
  • Maroon: Very Fine (360 grit)
  • Gray: Ultra Fine (1,500 grit)