Mirka PROS 5" Sander, Vacuum-Ready, 5mm R.O., MRP-550CV

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Product Description:

Mirka PROS-550CV is a 5" vacuum-ready pneumatic air sander with 5mm (3/16") random orbit. If you sand frequently in your profession, you will greatly appreciate the thoughtful design and details of this tool.

Designed by Mirka's in-house engineers in Jeppo, Finland, the new Mirka PROS (Pneumatic Random Orbital Sanders) offers improved ergonomic design, user comfort, lower noise level and better dust extraction. New "Break Seal" design offers markedly improved dust extraction and finish quality.

Features & Benefits:

  • Optimized ergonomics that make it comfortable to grip and user-friendly for long operating periods
  • Integrated cover shields from the outlet air and also provides good support for the operator’s hand and wrist
  • New, quick connect fitting for the dust extraction hose
  • Wider dust suction port for improved airflow
  • Centered vacuum port allows for easier sanding to either side of tool – without being restricted by dust extraction hose
  • Developed to have maximum dust extraction
  • Unique shroud system with "Brake Seal" allows minimal internal air leakage for improved dust extraction, even at low suction power

PROS in Depth:

Mirka continues to expand its range of advanced sanding machines with the launch of the new PROSThese machine were developed in-house by Mirka’s industry leading design team. They are packed with clever features and attention to detail which has created an efficient and effective sanding tool that is perfect for professional operators.

The PROS-550CV sanders has a 5mm (3/16") random orbit and specially developed to produce maximum dust extraction, even at low suction power, thanks to a wider dust suction outlet in the machine housing which substantially improves the dust suction efficiency. The MIRKA PROS is constructed from high quality materials that deliver long lasting durability, ensuring you will enjoy the outstanding performance long into the future.

Ergonomics and Design

MIRKA PROS features optimized ergonomics that make it extremely user-friendly. There is plenty of finger space and this makes it comfortable to grip. The control can easily be operated when gripping the machine with left or right hand. The design also incorporates an integrated cover which supports the operator’s hand and protects it from outgoing air discharge, as well as the air inlet hose fitting. This enables operators to comfortably use the machine for long periods without any needs for breaks.

New "Break Seal" Benefits

As an additional safety feature, when the support cover is raised to allow an inlet air hose to be connected, it also prevents the machine from starting. The innovative features continue with a ‘brake seal’ designed to deliver a variety of valuable performance benefits. For example, in contrast to conventional pneumatic random orbital sanders, the brake seal on the MIRKA PROS makes the backing pad oscillate rather than free spin when holding the machine in the air. This eliminates the possibility of causing deep marks in the surface when the fast rotating abrasive first touches the job. In addition, as soon as the tool is removed from the work surface the brake seal immediately brakes the ‘rotation speed’ of the backing pad. The long-life brake seal also contributes to improved dust extraction efficiency by minimizing the internal suction leakage.

Backing Pad

To help operators achieve the very best performance, a new backing pad has also been designed for the MIRKA PROS. It features a central air inlet which results in improved air flow and helps extract dust away from the center of the tool even faster.

Total Sanding Solution

With its long list of innovative features the new MIRKA PROS is another example of Mirka’s commitment to providing a total sanding solution that delivers serious benefits to customers. It is designed to work perfectly with Mirka accessories and the revolutionary NET sanding abrasives Autonet®, Abranet® and Abranet® HD. Combined with a dust extraction system, this gives you true ’dust-less’ sanding, a cleaner work environment, better control over the job and a higher quality finish. In short, a total sanding solution you can rely on day in, day out!

Included in the Box

Includes multi-hole grip backup pad, pad protector, pad wrench and bottle of air-tool oil.

Technical Specs:

Dust system Vacuum-ready
Work pressure (bar) 6.2
Weight (kg) 0.9 (1.9 lb)
Noise level (dB) 75
Air consumption (l/min) 485
Size of pad (mm) 125 (5")
Speed (rpm) 12,000
Orbit (mm) 5 (3/16")