Mirka 3" Rotary Palm Rotary Air Buffer, MR-30

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Product Description:

Mirka 3" Rotary Palm Pneumatic Air Buffer (MR-30) is constructed of precision molded composites for strength, durability and light weight.

Composite construction reduces operator fatigue and sound levels providing increased comfort. It provides gear-driven 3,000 rpm performance for precision polishing. This high-quality tool features moisture-resistant composite rotors and premium bearings for long life and superior reliability. 

Traditional electric rotary polishers are heavy and cumbersome. The Mirka MR-30 is lightweight, compact, allows for one-handed operation and is plenty powerful.  

The top mounted throttle lever acts as the on/off switch, while the speed control lever is mounted exactly where it needs to be for making fingertip adjustments on the fly. When paired with a 3" buffing pad, polishing in confined areas is easy; perfect for mirrors, rails, pillars, spoilers other complex shapes and hard to reach areas. 

Comes with Mirka 913-GV 3" grip backup pad, pad wrench and a bottle of air-tool oil.

Technical Specs:

Work pressure (bar) 6.2 (90psi)
Weight (kg) 0.6 (1.4lb)
Air consumption (l/min) 481 (17ft3/min)
Size of pad (mm) 72 (2.8")
Power 209 (0.28hp)
Speed (rpm) 3,000