Norton A975 Dry Ice 2.75" PSA Sanding Rolls

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Product Overview:

Norton Dry Ice A975™ No-Fil 2.75" Sandpaper Rolls are engineered for optimum performance when hand or machine sanding metal, wood, composites and painted surfaces. Sanding rolls are P-graded, 100% SG ceramic alumina abrasive that delivers fastest cut rate and longest life of any paper roll.

Dry Ice is perfect for refinishing any job, especially those that require an extremely durable abrasive that cuts quicker, cuts cooler, and lasts longer without generating heat.

The engineered ceramic grain is the perfect abrasive for any job, including those with scratch-resistant clears and E-coats, composites and aluminum. Its versatility eliminates the need for additional specialty abrasives.

Norton A975™ offers a combination of sharp, aluminum oxide abrasive and a tough, tear resistant backing resulting with a high-performance, long lasting sandpaper that consistently cuts through paint and body filler for a high-quality finish every time for increased productivity.

Featuring a fiber-reinforced, latex-saturated B/C-weight backing and non-pigmented, water-based stearate open coating, these sheets resist clogging and provide 50% to 60% better resistance to tearing and longer life than common papers.

Sizing is 2.75" wide x 25 yd for 80 grit, 30 yd for 120 Grit, 45 yd for 180 to 400 grit.

Features and Benefits:

  • Norton SG ceramic grain for quicker and cooler cut with better longevity for superior cut on abrasion-resistant paints and clears
  • Unique fiber-reinforced latex/paper backing is flexible and has easy removal with maximum tear resistance for increased durability
  • Water-based stearate (No-Fil) improves load resistance and extends life

Technical Specs:

  • Size: 2.75" wide x 25 yd for 80 grit, 30 yd for 120 Grit, 45 yd for 180 to 400 grit
  • Grain: Ceramic alumina
  • Attachment: Pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Paper: B/C-weight, latex
  • Coating: Water-based stearate
  • Tier: Best
  • Package Size:  1 roll per package