Presta 9" Wool, Black and White Cutting Grip Pad, 890146

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Product Overview:

Presta 9" Black and White Wool Heavy Cutting Pad (890146) is made of 100% twisted wool and designed for heavy cutting compounding applications. Great for use with compounds such as Presta Super Cut, Presta PMC Complete,  Presta Gel Coat and Presta Ultra Cutting Creme. 

Features a recessed cup edge backing that helps prevent the backing plate from coming in contact with the buffing surface.

Fits most standard 7" size grip backing plates such as Presta #810116 Flex Foam Backing Plate.

Features and Benefits

  • Black & White 100% twisted wool for aggressive compounding applications
  • 9" diameter, 1.5" pile height
  • For use with most standard 7" size grip backing pads
  • Recommended for rotary polishers
  • Made in the USA