Redtree 4" Mini Foam Roller Refill Twin Pack, 36065

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Product Overview:

Redtree Mini 4" Foam Roller Twin Pack Refills (36065) are perfect for painting tight spots and small projects. Excellent for use with marine paints, enamel, varnish, urethane and epoxy.

Package includes 2 rollers. These foam refills are designed for use with Redtree 4" Roller Handle or similar type roller handles with 1/4" shank.

Also available, Mini 4" 1/2" Nap Roller Refills and Mini 4" Roller Tray Set which includes a Foam Roller, 1/2" Nap Roller, Roller Handle and Paint Tray

Features and Benefits:

  • Perfect for tight spots and small projects
  • Excellent for marine finishes and boat bottom paints
  • Includes 2 rollers per pack

Technical Specs:

  • Surface: Smooth
  • Core: Plastic
  • Coatings: Paints, epoxy, enamel, varnish, urethane
  • Nap Size: 5/8" 
  • Nap Length: Short
  • Nap Material: Foam
  • Nap Color: White
  • Size: 4"