RUPES XC-2 Xtra Cut Compound, 1000ml, 9.XC2

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Product Overview:

RUPES XC-2 Xtra Cut Compound, 1000ml (1.056 Quart) (9.XC2) allows for one-step rapid removal of defects and creates a low-swirl, high-gloss finish on gelcoat, high-solid marine, aerospace and industrial coatings and solid surface countertops.

XC-2 can be used as a first step after sanding process or to simply remove oxidation and other contaminants. Follow with a RUPES polish if desired for a higher gloss on darker color surfaces.

Water-based formula, safer to use and allows for easier cleanup and extended buff pad service life.

RUPES XC-2 is universally compatible with all machine movement types including rotary, dual action, gear driven and triple-action polishers.

Suggested RUPES Buff Pads Pairing with XC-2 (click here for RUPES buff pad collection):

  • RUPES Rotary Pads - Twisted Wool Polishing Pads (9.BL…H series) to remove much more material without considering finish
  • RUPES Rotary Pads - Cut & Finish Wool Polishing Pads (9.BL…F series) for a rapid defect removal and a superior finish
  • RUPES - D-A Pads D-A Coarse Wool Polishing Pads (9.BW…H series) for old and oxidated gelcoat 
  • RUPES - D-A Pads D-A Coarse Microfiber Extreme Cut Pads (9.MF…H series) for industrial high-solid surfaces

Note, XC-2 is not recommended for automotive finishes as it may to coarse and aggressive.

Packaged in 1000ml (1.056 quart / 33.81 fluid oz) size container. Made in Italy. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Extra coarse cutting for fast defects removal
  • Creates a low-swirl, high-gloss finish
  • Improved finish and optimized clarity
  • Superior performance on solid surfaces, gelcoat, marine and industrial coatings
  • Easy wipe off
  • Water-based formula is safer to use, allows for easier cleanup and extended buff pad working life
  • Nice smelling fragrance
  • White color