Sabacaulk Deck Sealant, Black

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Product Overview:

Sabacaulk Deck Sealant is sealant designed for sealing joints in deck materials including Teak. 

Sabacaulk is a single component, elastic, humidity-curing, MS polymer-based sealant and offers significant advantages over other sealants. Works in conjunction with Sabatack 780 construction adhesive and Sabadeck adhesive; see technical instructions here.

Features & Advantages:

  • Suitable for use with Teak, Ply-wood, Tek-Dek, Flexiteak, Alcona, and Margin Boards with proper surface pre-treatment (click  here for more info)
  • Sandable after only 1 to 2 days (at 73°F/23°C, 75% RH)
  • Perfect flow
  • No blistering or bubble formation during polymerization
  • Durable and elastic, hardly any shrinkage
  • Resistant to seawater and weather conditions
  • Excellent aging resistance
  • Odorless, free from solvents, isocyanates and silicone
  • Certificates: UV-stable, tested by the Polymer Institute, Wheelmark (164.106/1121/WCL MED0326)

Packaging & Colors:

  • Black color
  • 290ml Cartridges (and 600ml Foil Sausages by special order)


Technical Data:

Information subject to change; visit for the most recent documentation

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