Safari Charlie Gun Lube PLUS

Safari Charlie Gun Lube PLUS

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Product Overview:

Safari Charlie's Gun Lube features unique ingredients that provide superior metal cleaning lubricant protection, deep surface cleansing and longer lasting.

Recommended by top gun experts for use in the most extreme conditions worldwide!

Unique advanced technology has proven Safari Charlies Gun Lube superior during the most demanding operations, especially when used in extreme weather and environmental conditions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Does not attract dust, dirt or gunpowder
  • Lifts rust, copper, lead, dirt, grime and grease
  • Reduces extreme pressure friction
  • Drives out moisture
  • Neutralizes fingerprint acid
  • Anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-wear protection
  • NOT petroleum-based, greaseless, no residue
  • Never gums-up or builds-up
  • Works to 65 degrees below Farenheit
  • Makes subsequent cleanings much easier

How It Works Better:

Sporting arms and Military/Police weapons function smoothly and with more reliably when cleaned and lubricated with Safari Charlie’s Gun Lube. Negative-charged synthetic product repels water, dust, dirt and powder residue and at the same time, provides longer-lasting greaseless lubrication. This lube even neutralizes finger print acid and provides higher quality protection for expensive metal surfaces.

Coating metal surfaces with this non-petroleum based product lays down a cleaned “molecular cushion” that provides the best of lubrication between closely positioned and ultra-fast moving parts. Safari Charlie Gun Lube either eliminates or greatly reduces collection of debris, undesired high level of friction, increased accumulation of heat and absorption of moisture.

Conversely, petroleum lubes attract dust, dirt and powder residues that actually hold-in heat and moisture. Petroleum gumming along with other foreign material build-up increases friction - heating that causes excessive drag and unwanted wear on moving parts. This increased friction - heating causes faulty operations (jamming) and also reduces operational life (break-downs).


Simple to use. Clean thoroughly by saturating all internal and external parts with Safari Charlie Gun Lube Plus. Work loose any foreign material and wipe clean. Repeat until metal is clean and smooth. Leaves no residue lubrication.

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