SEM 28151 2.8 VOC Rust Shield, F.M.F. Gray, Gallon

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Product Overview:

SEM 2.8 VOC Rust Shield F.M.F. Gray Gallon (28151) is a direct to metal coating that isolates and controls oxidation, rust and corrosion on metal substrates. 

Paint bare sanded and rusty metal, restore heavy industrial, agriculture and road equipment such as tractors and snow plows. Offers outstanding coverage and adhesion and tough, long lasting finish. Activator available for extra durability. VOC compliant everywhere.

1 gallon size. Available in additional colors.

Features and Benefits:

  • Paint direct to rust or bare sanded steel
  • Fast application
  • Compliant everywhere
  • Enhancer available for gloss adjustment
  • Can be top coated for UV resistance
  • Restore agricultural, industrial and heavy equipment

Suitable Substrates:

  • Ferrous metals
  • Properly prepped, primed and painted surfaces