sia 2915 siarol, 1" Superflex Shop Rolls

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Product Overview:

sia Abrasives 2915 siarol, Superflex Shop Rolls are an all-purpose abrasive suitable for applications ranging from rust and paint removal to surface preparation and final sanding.

2915 siarol achieves an excellent surface finish and high flexibility when sanding contours, curves and profiles, and can be folded or cut to any size for perfect surface quality.

1" x 50' size. Available in a variety of grits.

sia 2915 siarol Superflex Shop Rolls 

Features and Benefits:

  • Highly adaptable to contours, curves and profiles
  • Excellent surface quality
  • Can be folded and cut to any desired format

Suggested Applications:

  • Removal of rust and paint
  • Removing discoloration
  • Surface treatment
  • Deburring
  • Smoothing and blending of flaws
  • Structuring and final sanding

Technical Info:

  • Aluminum oxide abrasive
  • Closed coat
  • J-Weight flexible backing material
  • 1" x 50 yard boxed roll
  • Available in a wide grit selection
  • Made in Switzerland