Sia 7940 siaair Velvet 6" Foam Polishing Grip Discs

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Product Overview:

Sia Abrasives 7940 siaair Velvet 6" Foam Polishing Grip Discs (7940 Series) are the best choice for achieving the perfect finish.

Excellent for fine sanding of round edges, contours and concave or convex shapes. The foam backing prevents over sanding. Use dry, wet or with polishing compound. Features very long working lifetime and washable for use over and over again.

Siaair is comprised of three unique layers; (1) on the outside, an ingenious net-backed abrasive (2) in the middle, foam cushioning which equalizes the application pressure to prevent over-sanding, and (3) on the inside, the proven siafast hook and loop grip fastening system. 

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Features and Benefits:

  • Very long working lifetime
  • Low scratch depth for fine finishing
  • Equalizing application pressure prevents over sanding
  • Minimum clogging when sanding dry
  • Excellent for wet sanding or use with compounds and polish
  • Washable and can be used many times over and over

Suggested Applications:

  • Before painting - final sanding of filler, producing a matte finish, blending base and clear coat
  • After painting - removing dust inclusions, removing paint runs, removing orange peel effect
  • Varnish - fixing errors on high gloss surfaces
  • Curved Parts - buffing up curved surfaces
  • Solid Surfaces - polishing mineral and solid surfaces
  • Click here for additional info on siaair.

Technical Info:

  • Net outer layer with aluminum oxide abrasive
  • Open foam structure
  • siafast hook & loop grip backing
  • Available in a variety of grits and sizes
  • 10 discs per box (unless otherwise noted)
  • Made in Switzerland