Soft-Sanders 16" Block Set, 0704

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Product Overview:

Soft Sanders™ 16" Multi-Block Set (0704) contains 6 unique shaped sanding blocks, Super-Flex sandpaper starter pack and DVD instructional video. Easily sand difficult contours and shapes with Soft-Sanders™!

Every single curve on each Soft-Sanders™ block has been designed with a purpose, to easily tackle the most complex surfaces. Soft-Sanders™ are a must tool for all marine, automotive, composite, wood and drywall craftsmen.

Soft, rounded edges virtually eliminate gouging and allow blocks to glide over varying surface. Super-light weight for zero-fatigue and comfort no matter how you hold them. Extremely durable and resistant to many shop chemicals including lacquer thinner and acetone. 

Best for use with Super-Flex 2.75" wide adhesive-backed sand paper but may also be used with other brand similar type abrasives.

Soft-Sanders™ blocks are also available in additional sizes.

Soft-Sanders Sanding Blocks in Action

Features and Benefits:

  • Kit includes 6 different shapes in 3 densities in a 16" length
  • Soft, rounded edges eliminate gouging
  • Super-light weight for zero-fatigue and comfort
  • Extremely durable and resistant to many shop chemicals including lacquer thinner and acetone
  • Best for use with 2.75" wide adhesive-backed sand paper but may also be used with plain back paper
  • Includes Super-Flex™ sandpaper starter pack and DVD instructional video
  • Patented and made in the USA

Included 16" Soft-Sanders™ Blocks:

Soft-Sanders Conform-A-Curve Foam Sanding Block

Conformable concave and convex block

Foam Density: Soft

Color: Green

Soft-Sanders Quick-Curves™ Yellow Foam Sanding Block

Bi-level curves and contour edges

Foam Density: Soft

Color: Yellow

Soft-Sanders Quad-Radii™ Blue Foam Sanding Block

2 acute angles and 4 convex curvatures

Foam Density: Medium

Color: Blue

Soft-Sanders Amoeba™ Red Foam Sanding Block

Multi-curved and bull-nose block

Foam Density: Medium

Color: Red

Off-set handle for maximum visual control

Foam Density: Firm

Color: Orange

Oval shape for concave curvatures

Foam Density: Firm

Color: Purple