Sunmight Soft Grip Hand Pad for Flexible Grip Sheets, 60100

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Product Overview:

Sunmight Soft Grip Hand Pad (60100) is designed for use with Sunmight Flexible Grip Sanding Sheets (sold separately) to prevent deep scratches and over-sanding.

Grip backing on one side and smooth on the other with 5/16" foam thickness, simply wrap Sunmight Flexible Grip Sanding Sheets around the pad to create a secure and flexible sanding block.

Sunmight Flexible Grip Sheets are designed for fine finishing in the 400 to 1,500 grit range. Available in three different grit ranges, 400-600 (Blue), 800-1,000 (Yellow) and 1,200-1,500 (Orange) color coded for easy identification.

Highly flexible sheets with a soft feel, made with an elastic resin and flexible film backing to provide a fast cut and the best finish by preventing deep scratches and over-sanding. The products' high flexibility allows better contact on contour and concave surfaces such as bumper covers, car hoods, door frames, instruments, furniture, etc.

Sold 1 block per package.

Sunmight Flexible Hand Sheet Applications

Features and Benefits:

  • Use with Sunmight Flexible Grip Sanding Sheets to prevent deep scratches and over-sanding problem

Technical Specifications:

  • 3" x 4.75"
  • 5/16" foam thickness
  • 1 grip side, 1 smooth side
  • Sold 1 block per package