Trimaco E-Z Floor Guard Shoe Cover Refills, 54716

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Product Overview:

Trimaco E-Z Floor Guard Shoe Cover Refills (54716) are designed for use with Trimaco E-Z Floor Guards™ and works by easily placing a sheet of adhesive plastic film on the bottom of your shoe or boot to avoid tracking dirt and debris into a home or job site.

Simply STEP, PULL and TEAR. No need to bend over and struggle to apply like traditional shoe covers. Going back outside? Don't bother removing the film, just reapply a new layer as you re-enter the jobsite. Keep your home or job site clean with the easy to use and economical E-Z Floor Guards.

Refill roll includes ~250 pairs of shoe covers that pays for itself. Fits any size shoe. Plastic film is extremely durable, can be worn all day and works when wet too.

Perfect for Construction • Marine • Automotive • Industrial • Real Estate • Institutional • More


Features and Benefits:

  • For use with Trimaco E-Z Floor Guards™
  • Up to 250 pairs of shoe covers 
  • Pays for itself and saves money
  • Fits any size shoe
  • Less waste than shoe guards
  • Plastic is recyclable
  • Easier to apply than traditional shoe covers
  • Extremely durable, wear all day, even works when wet

Trimaco E-Z Floor Guards Shoe Protector Kit