RUPES 5" D-A Extreme Cut Blue Microfiber Pad for LRH15, LRH12E, LTA125 & LK900 Tools, 9.MF130H

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Product Overview:

RUPES 5" (135mm) D-A Extreme Cut Blue Microfiber Pad for Random Orbital & Gear-Driven Tools (9.MF130H) is designed to boost the cutting power for finishing on hard paints using BigFoot dual-action random orbital and gear-driven polishers such as RUPES BigFoot LRH15LRH12E, LTA125 and LK900 Mille tools with a 5" (125mm) backing plate. 

The density and lateral stability of the foam interface, coupled with the specialized microfiber material, means fast cutting for dual-action random orbital and gear-driven orbital tools.

Pair with RUPES Coarse Rotary Compound (9.BRCOARSE) or RUPES XC-2 Compound and experience the fastest defect removal for any of our dual-action BigFoot polishing tools.

Diameter is 5" (135mm), thickness is 0.59" (15mm). Additional D-A microfiber pad styles and sizes available.

Sold one pad per package. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Designed to boost the cutting power while still delivering a consistent and clear finish on medium to hard paints
  • For use with BigFoot dual-action random orbital and gear-driven polishers such as LRH15LRH12E, LTA125 and LK900 Mille tools with a 5" (125mm) backing plate
  • Constructed of unique microfiber polishing material, combined with an extremely soft foam interface
  • Pair with RUPES Coarse Rotary Compound (9.BRCOARSE) or RUPES XC-2 Compound and experience the fastest defect removal


  • Prime the pad by applying a thin, even layer of polish to the face before first use
  • Reload the pad with small amounts of polish, typically only a few drops; oversaturating can lead to diminished performance
  • Clean pads frequently during use with compressed air, a vacuum, or RUPES Claw Pad Tool to maintain consistent performance
  • After use, clean with warm water and a mild soap, rinse well, allow to air dry
  • Apply up to 30-45 second cycle time in an area no larger than six times the pad diameter
  • Best for use on factory applied paints; not recommended for use on fresh paint
  • Not recommended for use with rotary polishers

More Info About RUPES D-A Microfiber Pads:

Three levels of cutting aligned with the RUPES blue, yellow and white color-coded system. Each pad features unique foam materials, profiles, and microfiber fabric tuned to deliver a specific range of cut and finish. From extreme cutting, to light cutting and finishing, the D-A Microfiber family delivers. Squared edged on all three grades and all sizes may appear simple, but this profile was specifically chosen to maximize the cutting performance of the pads on D-A tool movements.

Three sizes available to support full size tools like the LHR15, LHR21, LK900E and small tools like the LHR75 series. Each pad is specifically sized slightly larger than the compatible backing plate to provide edge protection during use. High-performance fabrics. The face material for each pad was developed to deliver the highest quality results possible for it's given performance range including tweaks to fiber length, density, and denier. Each foam is at a specific thickness to translate the desired level of tool movement to the surface.

The metallic film flow packing ensures excellent mechanical properties against accidental piercing and ripping. The new flow pack guarantees a high level of protection for the foam pads to preserve the original characteristics against UV, dust and humidity.

Learn more, download the RUPES D-A Microfiber flyer PDF here.