Farecla Total Advanced Liquid Compound, 1 Gallon, 56023

Farecla Total Advanced Liquid Compound, 1 Gallon, 56023

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Discontinued. Consider similar formula Farecla Profile 300 Rapid Cut Paste Compound.

Product Overview:

Farecla Total Advanced One-Step Liquid Compound (56023) provides fast cutting action and a high gloss finish in one-step saving time and money.

Designed for use on fresh and cured high solid (HS) paint work without the need to use water during the polishing process. Farecla Total is also popular for use in reconditioning aircraft, boats construction and farm equipment.

Offering up to 20% extra cut, the Total one-step system reduces prep time and permanently removes flatting marks fast while leaving a high gloss finish. 

Features & Benefits:

  • One-Step System provides a great high gloss finish in less time saving money
  • Removes 1,500 or finer sanding marks quickly and easily
  • Ideal for extra high solid (HS) paint work and spot repairs
  • Dry use compound, no need to use water
  • Silicone-free and no harsh chemicals
  • Approved for use by all leading paint manufacturers

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