MAS Traditional Marine Epoxy Resin

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Product Overview:

MAS Traditional Marine Epoxy Resin is an epoxy resin that has been specifically formulated for wooden FRP construction boat hulls and other projects. Features superb penetrating power, which lends itself to superior moisture resistance and high strength.

MAS Traditional Marine Epoxy Resin is for use in a 5:1 ratio by volume with either MAS 520 Slow Hardener and MAS 510 Fast Hardener or 3:1 in a ratio by volume with MAS 320 Clear Epoxy Hardener. For mixing with Slow or Fast Hardeners MAS 5:1 Calibrated Pumps are available for your convenience for easily dispensing (sold separately).

These epoxy systems are well suited for sealing wood surfaces, bonding applications, general marine construction/repair and the cold molding process for fabricating wood and fiberglass structures.

Features & Benefits:

  • Specifically formulated for bonding and coating wood
  • Superb penetrating power for superior moisture resistance and high strength
  • Use with your choice of 5:1 MAS 520 Slow Hardener and MAS 510 Fast Hardener or 3:1 MAS 320 Clear Epoxy Hardener
  • Mix with variety of fillers to create custom filling and fairing compounds
  • Available in quart and gallon containers (calibrated pumps sold separately)

Application Suggestions:

  • Excellent thin-film flow & self-leveling traits
  • This system is specifically made for bonding and coating wood
  • Sealing wood surfaces
  • Bonding applications
  • General marine construction and repair
  • Cold molding process for fabricating wood and fiberglass structures

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