RUPES 6" Grip Backup Pad for LHR21 Tools, 981.321N

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Product Overview:

RUPES 6" (150mm) Grip Multi-Hole Direct Flow Backup Pad (981.321N) is recommended for use with all RUPES LHR21 BigFoot Polishers.

Unique blue thermo-plastic abrasion-resistant spoiler that results in greater stability and mechanical reliability. The patented spoiler works as friction surface for the “anti-spinning” shroud and allows vacuum for the perpendicular holes. The high performance Velcro face material gives a greater mechanical resistance and a longer life, especially along the edges of the backing plate. 

Features an M8 bolt thread connection, recommended for use with all RUPES LHR21 BigFoot Polishers.

Sold one pad per package.

Features and Benefits:

  • 6" (150mm) size
  • Grip backing
  • Multi-hole vacuum pattern design
  • Max 20,000 strokes/min
  • Hard density
  • Suitable for a variety of grip abrasive sanding discs as well as 180mm RUPES foam and microfiber buff pads
  • M8 bolt thread connection
  • Recommended for use with all RUPES LHR21 BigFoot Polishers