RUPES Rotary Fine Polishing Compound, 250ml, 9.BRFINE250

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Product Overview:

RUPES Rotary Fine Compound 250ml (9.BRFINE250) is the ideal second step to follow a coarse rotary process to refine finishes, remove light defects, and deliver a wax ready shine.

The specialized micro abrasives and proprietary blend have been developed specifically to operate smoothly and enhance the rotary user experience and allow operators to remove up to P3000 grit sand scratches in as little as one step.

Formulated specifically for the unique demands of a rotary polisher movement and tested to provide peak performance with the corresponding rotary foam pads and rotary wool pads of the BigFoot Rotary System.

Pair the RUPES Rotary Fine Polishing Compound with the RUPES Yellow Fine Rotary Foam Pads (click here for pad info) on the smooth and nimble operation of the RUPES BigFoot LH19E Rotary Polisher to experience the smoothest rotary polishing process ever.

Developed, formulated, blended, and manufactured in house completely by RUPES, the Rotary Fine Compound uses only the highest quality raw materials and stringent quality control to ensure consistently high performance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Designed for correction of paint scratches and P3000 sanding marks using a rotary polisher
  • Removes 3,000 grit sanding scratch marks on even the hardest paint systems
  • Results in maximum surface restoration and leaves a high gloss finish
  • Cap is color coded blue for easy buff pad identification
  • 250ml (8.5 fl oz) size bottle, additional sizes available