SEM Marine Vinyl Coat Bundle Savers

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Note: Very limited quantities of all stock colors. Ultra Purple M25003, Ultra Turquoise M25013, Mystic White M25093, Alabaster M25103, Carver Dade Bisque M25123, Chaparal Beige/Platinum M25143, Taupe M25153, Formula Boats Gray M25073 and Tac Free 39643 are on factory backorder until around the end of May, 2024. We are not accepting pre-orders at this time for backordered items.

SEM Vinyl Coat Product Overview:

SEM Vinyl Coat is designed to restore or change the color of most vinyl, plastic and leather materials. The color pallet has been matched to 25 of the most popular boat colors (see color swatches at right). Vinyl Coat is a flexible and formulated with increased UV inhibitors to be fade resistant and withstand harsh outdoor marine conditions.
SEM Marine Vinyl Seat Cushiouns Before and After

Vinyl Coat is a flexible and formulated with increased UV inhibitors to be fade resistant and withstand harsh outdoor marine conditions. Offers a consistent, smooth finish, hides stains, fading and properly prepped mildew.

SMS Distributors offers you savings with our SEM Bundle Kits; you can customize color and quantity of top coat, and recommended prep materials to get your boat looking brand new.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to use flexible aerosol coating for your boat that will not crack or peel
  • Excellent for use on vinyl or plastic
  • Increased UV inhibitors for superior weather resistance
  • Color pallet matches the most popular boat manufacturers colors
  • Smooth and consistent finish
  • Hides stains, fading and mildew with proper preparation 

Bundle Saver Overview: offers you convenient and money saving SEM Marine Vinyl Coat bundle packages that have what you need to make your boat cushions and seats look and feel brand new.

Choose the 3 cans of desired SEM Marine Vinyl Color Coat, recommended surface prep materials SEM Soap (39362) + SEM Vinyl Prep (38343) and SEM Tac Free (39643) clear finishing coat if desired. These bundles saves you money vs. purchasing items separately.

To add additional cans of SEM Marine Vinyl Coat without prep or finishing products, click here to locate and add desired colors to your cart.

For plastic, leather and hard to reach areas, consider SEM Plastic & Leather Prep (38353), SEM Sand Free (38363) prep materials, sold separately outside bundle package. 


  • One 16 ounce can of SEM Vinyl Coat (12 ounces of paint / 4 ounces of propellant) is generally enough finish a large captains chair at recommended 2-3 passes
  • 1 can of SEM Vinyl Coat covers ~50ft2 at 1 mil thick; due to loss from over spray, application techniques, and variations in vinyl conditions (weathered surfaces will require more paint), plan an extra can for every 2-3 cans determined to account for over spray and loss .
  • Clean surfaces thoroughly with SEM Soap (39362)
  • Use appropriate surface prep and cleaner e.g. SEM Vinyl Prep (38343), SEM Plastic & Leather Prep (38353)SEM Sand Free (38363) for ABS and PVC
  • For vinyl surfaces, finish off with SEM Tac Free (39643) clear finishing coat for a smooth satin feel and protective finish
  • Do not apply Tac Free during high humidity conditions

Easy 1-2-3-4 Step Application on Vinyl:

  1. Clean surface with SEM Soap (39362) and a gray scuff pad such as Mirka Mirlon Total. Rinse with water or damp clean cloth and dry.
  2. Re-clean surface with SEM Vinyl Prep (38343). Remove using a damp, lint-free cloth
  3. Spray SEM Vinyl Coat using 2-3 light coats. Allow 10 minutes between coats. Full cure takes 24 hours.
  4. Follow with SEM Tac Free (39643) clear finishing coat for a smooth satin feel and offers protection; Do not apply Tac Free during high humidity conditions.

SEM Videos:


Color Choices:

M25003 Ultra Purple 16 oz 6 English
M25013 Ultra Turquoise 16 oz 6 English
M25023 Ranger Orchid Green 16 oz 6 English
M25033 Ultra Blue 16 oz 6 English
M25043 Ranger Admiral Blue 16 oz 6 English
M25053 Ranger Black 16 oz 6 English
M25063 Ranger White 16 oz 6 English
M25073 Ranger Off-White 16 oz 6 English
M25083 Carver White 16 oz 6 English
M25093 Sea Ray Mystic White 16 oz 6 English
M25103 Sea Ray Alabaster 16 oz 6 English
M25113 Sea Ray Champagne 16 oz 6 English
M25123 Carver Dade Bisque 16 oz 6 English
M25133 Carver Light Tan 16 oz 6 English
M25143 Chaparal Beige/Platinum 16 oz 6 English
M25153 Stingray Taupe 16 oz 6 English
M25163 Ranger Beige 16 oz 6 English
M25173 Ranger Charcoal 16 oz 6 English
M25183 Ranger Gunmetal Grey 16 oz 6 English
M25193 Light Grey 16 oz 6 English
M25203 Formula Boats Grey 16 oz 6 English
M25123 Stingray Yellow 16 oz 6 English
M25233 Formula Boats Red 16 oz 6 English
M25243 Sterling Burgundy 16 oz 6 English

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