SunPac Mildewcide

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Product Overview:

SunPac is the top selling mildewcide in Florida for over 30 years! Works immediately and lasts for months.

Kills and stops mold and mildew, as well as musty odors. Use in vacated mobile homes, summer cottages, trailers, beach homes, condos, apartments, garages, boats, campers, even mountain cottages, when you close them up for the summer or winter.

Sun Pac stops mold, mildew and musty odors in unoccupied areas. It works by replacing oxygen that mold and mildew require for growth.

The best choice for boats, lockers, cedar chests, dresser drawers, trunks, closets, bedding clothes and shoe bags. For smaller size packages, consider sister product Mildew Zone.

Features and Benefits:

  • Best mold prevention for use in shrink wrapped boats off-season
  • Use in vacation homes to keep house sunshine fresh and prevent musty odors
  • Protects clothing, bedding, leather, paper, wood and more
  • 1 bag covers 750 cu. ft. of space
  • US EPA Registered
  • Single pack, contains 1, 4 ounce packet

Suggested Uses:

Boats - Hang several packages in cabin, lockers, bilge, wherever mold is a problem. Fumes are heavier than air, for best results, hang bags at highest point in areas to be protected. You will be amazed at how clean your boat will look in the spring.

Vacation Homes - When closing home for vacation or season, place one bag of Sun Pac or Mildew Zone for each 525 cu. ft. of space. Use only in unoccupied rooms. Rooms must be ventilated thoroughly before re-entry. Homes will be sunshine fresh, no mildew or musty odors.

Closets & Drawers - Hang package in closet or lay in drawer. Fumes are heavier than air, for best results, hang bags at highest point in areas to be protected. Mildew Zone quickly and effectively rids areas of mildew and musty odors. 

Bedding - For musty odors in bedding, place one bag along with mattress, quilts, blankets, sheets in a sealed closed space no larger than 100 cu. ft. Leave articles for 24 hours, then discard Mildew Zone. Bedding will be clean, sweet and fresh.


  • Para-formaldehyde, for use for only in unoccupied area. Ventilate rooms thoroughly before re-entry
  • For maximum effectiveness, keep vapors confined as much as possible and hang at highest point in areas to be protected as vapors are heavier than air
  • Take care to open outer packaging carefully to prevent tearing delicate, porous inner bags; if inner bag rips just leave in plastic packaging with one end open, it will still sublime and work fine
  • Do not store near photographic film
  • Shipping only available within the US