Yacht Spar HSV-50 High Solids Premium Spar Varnish, HSV-50

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Product Overview:

Yacht Spar HSV-50 High Solids Premium Spar Varnish (HSV-50) is a premium high solids, tung oil modified phenolic varnish which is cooked in the "old world" open kettle process to produce the highest quality varnish.

Yacht Spar HSV-50 results in a beautiful traditional amber color finish. Formula allows for shorter re-coat window of 12 to 16 hours and no sanding between coats if reapplied within 24 hours.

Features the highest quality UV inhibition and cross-linking dryer packages giving it exceptional application, flow, sanding and durability compared to conventional varnishes.

Perfect for use alone or as a finishing coat over Yacht Spar FDV-30 Fast Dry Varnish.

High solids backbones mean VOC compliance coupled with more build per coat resulting in less labor and material.

May be re-coated within 12 to 16 hours and no sanding required within 24 hours; simple light scuff sand after 24 hours.

Sold in US 1 quart cans. Made in USA.

Features and Benefits:

  • Highest quality varnish available
  • Exceptional application, flow, sanding and durability
  • High solids for more build per coat
  • Recoatable within 12 to 16 hours and no sanding required within 24 hours; light scuff sand after 24 hours

Specification Data:

  • Type: High Solids Tung Oil Modified Phenolic Varnish
  • Color: Traditional Amber
  • Packaging: 1 quart cans
  • Application: Above the waterline only
  • Recommended Wet Film Thickness: 2-3 mils (50-75 microns) per coat
  • Recommended Dry Film Thickness: 1-2 mils (25-50 microns) per coat. 6-8 coats recommended
  • Theoretical Coverage - Sq. Feet/Gallon; 1,023 Sq. Feet (95m2 ) at 1 mil dry (25 microns) with no reduction; 102-114 Sq. Feet (9-11m2 ) at recommended total dry film thickness of 9-10 mils

Drying Schedule:

Recoat @ 77°F/50% RH constant: With itself: 12 to 16 hours, 24 hours maximum without sanding or scuffing. Sand with 320-400 grit. Ready to handle in 24 hours. Do not attempt to cure at temperatures below 60°F. Low humidity conditions will be more effective than higher temperatures in speeding recoat times.

Surface Preparation:

NOTE: Due to wide variations in all aspects of surface conditions and preparations, customary application methods and environments, it is strongly advised that test applications be made before large scale application of this product. The wood should be clean, smooth, well-seasoned and above all dry (< 11% moisture).

New or Bare Wood: Teak cleaner or wood bleaches are advised on new wood to remove excess oils, promote color uniformity, and adhesion, making sure that all cleaner and/or neutralizer is removed before proceeding. Rough cut lumber must be heavily sanded to level the grain, working through the grits to level the grain 60/80 to 100/150 to 220. When the grain is level, smooth sand the surface with 220 to 280 grit paper.

Existing Finishes: Old finishes in good condition should be washed with soap and water followed by a wipe-down with VM&P naphtha before sanding with 220-320 grit paper to thoroughly remove the gloss. Old finishes in poor condition should be removed. Test on a small area to make sure Yacht Spar HSV-50 does not soften the old finish. If old finish is attacked, it must be completely removed.

Reduction Directions:

New or Bare Wood First Coat: Reduce the first coat 1:1 by volume with either VM&P naphtha for spray application or odorless mineral spirits for brush application. This reduction will allow Yacht Spar HSV-50 to fully wet the wood fibers and seal the surface.

Build Coats/Restoration Work Spray: Reduce up to 25% by volume with VM&P naphtha Brush/Roll: Additional reduction usually is not required, but if a thinner material is desired reduce as needed with odorless mineral spirits.

Application Directions:

New or Bare Wood First Coat: Apply a single, light, smooth coat of Yacht Spar HSV-50. Allow to dry 8-12 hours. Lightly sand the surface with 320-400 grit paper to remove wicks and nubs. Remove sanding dust and residue with denatured alcohol and tack off.

Build Coats/Restoration Work: Apply a light, smooth coat of Yacht Spar HS. Apply one coat per day. Yacht Spar HSV-50 is a stand-alone coating, repeat this process until the grain is filled and level, 6 to 8 coats may be needed. Keep sanding to a minimum. A light rub with a green Scotchbrite® pad is often enough to break the glaze of the previous coat, providing sufficient adhesion for subsequent coats. Yacht Spar HSV 50 should not be over-coated with two-part urethane coatings. When the grain is completely filled and covered, lightly sand the surface smooth with 400-500 grit paper. Apply a glass coat of Yacht Spar HSV-50 to restore gloss to the sanded surface. A good system would include a minimum of 6 to 8 coats. Exact number of coats needed will vary by applied film thickness and the amount of sanding. Best results are achieved when temperatures are between 60° and 90°F.

Equipment Cleaning:

Use Odorless Mineral Spirits or VM&P Naphtha