RUPES 6.25" Blue Coarse Foam Pad for LH19E Rotary with 6" Backing Plate, 9.BR180H

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Product Overview:

RUPES 6.25" (160mm) Blue Coarse Foam Pad for Rotary Tools (9.BR180H) is an aggressive, fast-cutting foam pad. Designed for use with a RUPES 6" (150mm) Backing Plate (982.500) on the RUPES LH19E Rotary Polisher and RUPES Coarse Rotary Compound (9.BRCOARSE) or RUPES XC-2 Compound.

The unique and proprietary open cell foam technology provides rotational stability and manages heat buildup associated with rotary action. The rounded profile at the edge minimizes rotary induced swirl marks and buffer trails. Ideal for removing sanding marks on fresh paint or severe defects on OEM factory applied paint systems.

Features and Benefits: